About Us

For nearly a decade the Secret Sesh team made their name hosting private and (later) public recreational cannabis gatherings. What started at AirBnb rentals and friends' houses grew into mansion parties and eventually graduated to a night club and festival grounds.

Secret Sesh is committed to not only providing a friendly place to enjoy cannabis culture, but also curating it with quality cannabis brands, games, activations, and delicious food trucks. Over the years, attendance numbers climbed from just dozens to nearly 10,000 during 2019 events. What started as a passion project to host for local weed connoisseurs now stands proud, hosting events with the same level of care, but on a much larger, licensed, and professional scale.

Having always been at the forefront of innovation, Secret Sesh is FINALLY joining the revolutionary NFT space, creating the premier Cannabis NFT, as well as reward true fans and collectors by further expanding its reach